Welcome to Roffy’s corner.

Now that you are here, I’ll tell you what I am about.

Life is a mixture of bitter sweet. We can never have it all and that briefly explains the “bitter”. The wealthy man driving down the highway may be blessed with sick kids. The seemingly happy family you know may live from paycheck to paycheck. The gorgeous lady you are jealous of is struggling to make her marriage work.

But here’s the sweet part. To choose to live life and not just exist. To vow to be happy regardless. To be smart enough to realize that your problems doesn’t define you and everyone has their own fair share. To stay above your game. To not just grow but develop. To never lose hope and keep pushing till beautiful days show up.

I have had my share of life’s challenges too. I battled low self-esteem right from childhood, almost got raped, almost died. I have lost loved ones, I have watched my confidence flow out of the tiny holes of my window’s net and I have eaten at the same table with toxic friends.

But here’s the thing: I could have chosen to become a victim of my problems, yet I decided to survive. YOU CAN BE A SURVIVOR TOO!

I’m here to help, to guide from my experiences, with the books I have read and from the advice I have taken from wise elders.

And why is it roffy’s corner?

Because it’s my online wardrobe of thoughts, experiences and everything in between.

Hope,Love and Light,


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