The ten basics on an entrepreneur you need to know

People graduate from school with the hope of getting a good job afterwards, but not every one does. In Nigeria thousands of graduates leave school every year looking forward to employment, but all hope is shattered as nothing awaits them at the end of the day.
In spite of the companies and industries being established, there is still no yield in the reduction of unemployed graduates wandering all around on the streets. This is the point where entrepreneurship comes in.
Entrepreneurship is the process of setting up one’s own source of income i.e business or businesses in other to bring forth reasonable profits.
An entrepreneur is some one who sets up or launches a business.
Being an entrepreneur is not a day’s job. There are so many pro’s and Con’s attached to it and I am going to give you 10 attributes of an entrepreneur today.
1. An entrepreneur must be ready to take risks.
2. He or she must be disciplined.
3. He or she must be able to think ahead of time.


  • Every great man has a story behind his success.All successful men have failed at a point in their lives.If u don’t fail,You are not even trying.YEAH.Thomas Edison conducted 1000 failed experiments and it was worthwhile.You know why??  Because the 10001st experiment became the light bulb.Reggie Jackson stuck out 2600 times, making it the highest strike outs in the history of baseball.Did u know that??  I didn’t either,because nobody heard about the strike outs. People only remember the home runs.Nothing in life is worth it ,unless you take risks.To get something u’ve never had,then you’ve got to do something you Neva did.There’s an old saying which goes” you hang around a Baber’s shop,sooner or later you’re gonna get a hair cut”. Don’t limit your self ,don’t limit your abilities and strive until you reach the peak.Remember, everyone is entitled to success only if you decide to work for it. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall,but the moments you stand and face the world,is what makes the big difference.Failure is not falling, its ability to stand on your feet one again and give the chancellery for a better YOU.